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MVP PRO  We cut and program most automotive high tech transponder chip immobilizer keys for domestic and import vehicles. If you only have one key it's a good idea to get another one made as the cost of doing it is a lot cheaper than if you lose all your keys and then need them replaced . Many times I have been called to make keys for vehicles that someone has lost their keys and have to give the news as to how much it costs. I highly recommend that when you travel to bring two sets of keys with you and keep them separated so if one loses their keys you still get to go home. Transponder keys have microchips inside them that send a signal to the onboard computer of your vehicle that allow it to be started .

 We now can cut most of the High Security Automotive keys by Code so if you have lost your keys for one of these vehicles call us and we can check to see if it is one that we can do 250-339-7797


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In automotive applications, there are 2 types of Transponders. Programmable Transponders and Cloneable Transponders.


Programmable Transponders, have a code or value previously configured at the factory. This code or value can be programmed into the car's computer by an On Board Programming Procedure or with the use of a diagnostic tool. By using these methods, the car's computer will recognize the value previously written on the transponder and start the car.


Cloneable Transponders, have no code written on them. These transponders are also know as Read-Write Transponders, and are designed to be used with a cloning tool. The cloning tool will read the information written on the original key and then write that information on the Cloneable Transponder creating an exact duplicate or clone of the original key.